13 Jewelry Designers On Their Go-To Style For The Holidays

13 Jewelry Designers On Their Go-To Style For The Holidays


Everyone’s holiday style codes are slightly different. For some, the bolder and brighter the better. For others, a subtler take on seasonal dressing is sufficient. Wherever you happen to fall on the festivity spectrum — splashy sequins or subdued velvet — there’s one element of putting together a look during this time of year that applies to all: jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches, and bracelets are all go-to holiday jewelry pieces that can be seamlessly worked into an outfit for your next cocktail party or dinner reservation. But if you’re not sure which bauble bodes best for beneath the mistletoe, consider taking a page from the experts.

Ahead, a handful of the industry’s most exciting and creative jewelry designers share what they’re wearing during the holidays this year. Their responses are a cheery amalgamation of everything that makes dressing up for this time of year so great — emotion, creativity, backstory, and a whole lot of style. Continue ahead to discover what the forces behind brands like Alison Lou, Completedworks, and Bea Bongiasca are adorning themselves with right now and shop their favorites to make it your own.

Symbolic jewelry is fitting for the holiday season, which explains why designer Ramona Albert has been incorporating one very significant item into her look. “I love to wear my Bloom Ring with the aquamarine stone because it is a symbol of good health, hope, and renewal. Also, as a metaphor for the end of year holiday celebrations,” she says. "The design was inspired by a family jewelry heirloom and the layers of petals in a flower, and the round smooth cut of the aquamarine is a reflection of the sky.” Her choice for these colors resembles those spotted in nature. “This piece has a calmness about it when worn. It is easy yet powerful and elegant.

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